Your Every Day Christian To Do List

I’m a pretty black and white person. I need you to just give it me straight.

The Bible is full of deep, confusing, grey area concepts and commands that make being a Christian very challenging at times. So I’m always blown away when I read something in the Bible and it just can’t get any more crystal clear.

This is why I loOove the book of James. The author, James, (again-wow-so direct) has basically written up our very own To Do list for daily living. It’s a union of practical daily tasks that have a spiritual impact on us and those around us. So basically it’s essential.

Also! James is a super short book; you can read it in one sitting. So hats off to you James for boiling down Christian living into concise, no excuses, bullet points. That’s my love language right there.

Being the Type A person that I am, I thought it would be fun to actually transfer James’ words into a To Do list because there’s very few things in life that leave you as satisfied as checking that box or swiping a line through a done deed. However, I must warn you, we may never be fully capable of checking off the boxes of these types of tasks. It’s an unending battle this side of heaven but at least we have something clear to strive for.

Ps. Feel free to click on the image and download for easy access and pin to that clipboard I know you’ve been dying to use.