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Your 2017 Fall Guide

light coming through leaves

I love this time of year for so many reasons as I’ve mentioned about 1.25746 billion times on here. September is the new January. A clean slate, with empty report cards for a new school year, and for those who are no longer in school like me, it’s a new season to be productive and establish goals to finish the year strong.

Plus a pumpkin spice latte is readily available to energize your day!

This is my first Fall that takes on quite a different meaning for me. Yes, a new season filled with wonder and excitement being our first up in the PNW but it’s the first season ever of being a Momma. Could there be any more of a fresh start than a new little life born into this world?

In years past the temporal, savories of Fall were all I desired-pumpkin donuts, crunchy fall leaves, looking good in new boots, and every pumpkin/maple/apple/cinnamon candle I could get my hands on.

And while all these things are still very much desired, I’ve found myself wanting more out of Fall, like things that actually matter beyond the physical and into the spiritual and friendships more colorful and rich than the leaves that decorate our sidewalks. This season completely captivates my heart every year, so why is that and how do I get to know the One who is the Creator of such a brilliant, beautiful season? Surely He must be far more satisfying than a fleeting couple of months of cozy drinks and crisp walks.

As we jump into Autumn take a few moments to think about what you want this season to look like-better yet-what you think God wants this season to look like for you. It can be your best Fall yet when you toss a little intentionality in with that apple crisp.


Fall is a time for productivity. And without this feeling like a burden (because that’s the opposite of what it should feel like) our spiritual lives can always use a refresh of goal setting and striving to grow more in our relationship with Christ. Use this season as a reset to dive into a new Bible study, memorize a couple verses, join a new community group [and consistently attend].

Look at your week and examine where you can slow down-cut something out to replace it with a quiet walk or just simply sitting outside and observing the way the light hits the trees differently as Fall secretly changes every detail of our surroundings.


Every year I want to slow down and every year I let Fall whisk right by with all the business of activities, church commitments and work. But this year I’ve got the greatest excuse in the world to slow down-having a baby. I am so excited to let this little one take over our rhythm for a bit and to simply take each day with deliberate care and intentionality as we live slowly and quietly for the sake of our growing newborn.

However, there’s no reason we can’t also enjoy this sweet slow time with others. Hospitality is truly a skill to master and I’m realizing I’ve got a long ways to go to truly enjoy it and allow my guests to be at their maximum comfort level but that’s for another post…

What I’m trying to say is make community a priority! In years past I’ve literally made it a goal to have someone over for dinner 1-2 times a month and while I slightly felt weird about this at first, as if they’re just a bullet point in my planner, there’s really no other way to make these things happen without a little planning.

Plus having people over slows your life down as you are forced to set a chunk of time to simply sit and be available for some sweet conversation and good food. It’s a blessing for all and absolutely needed in such a season as this.

  • You’ve got to listen to this podcast episode on hosting-I still think about it every time we have people over.
  • Buy a cookbook for inspiration-I’ve got my eye on this one.
  • Sit down and look at your calendar right now. Who can you invite over or plan a fun fall outing with between now and Thanksgiving?


Ok, now onto the good stuff. Sorta joking. But my heart always skips a beat for some of the simplest joys of Fall.


  • Buy those scented pinecones/acorns and throw ‘em in a bowl and your house will instantly feel cozy.
  • Candles. Always candles. My favorite-Yankee’s Pumpkin Wreath.
  • Real pumpkins from Trader Joes- cute and affordable.


  • Crockpot Chicken Wildrice Soup
  • Pumpkin Oat Bread
  • Hot Tea (sometimes it’s fun to change it up from coffee)
  • But then go get your PSL. I actually only get ONE every year. It’s tradition for Brad and I to go on Labor Day and launch Fall with a tall PSL and every year we are amazed at 1) how expensive it is and 2) how TOO sweet it is. So that ends up usually being our only one the whole season. So you know what I’m doing today!
  • These are a must now every weekend in our household-pumpkin scone mix.
  • Buy these pumpkin waffles! TJ’s goes outright bonkers with their pumpkin products-a lot of them are kinda icky but I stand by this one 100%. They’re SO yummy!


  • Get yourself on a farm! I don’t care how or where. There’s nothing like being in Fall’s natural habitat where corn and squash and pumpkins are being harvested and a bonfire is crackling all day long.
  • Watch football. Wait, for real?! Yes, I can’t believe I’m actually typing this but as a wife I find so much satisfaction making space on a Sunday afternoon for my hardworking husband to enjoy a good football game. Plus I just eat all the snacks.
  • Bake for others. And I can’t stress the others part enough. I love baking when it comes to fall foods (surprise, surprise) but I usually hold back because I don’t want to gain weight every time Fall rolls around-that would be a huge downer. This year I’m determined to bake more to enjoy a little and give a lot away!

Now get out there and have the best flippin’ Fall you’ve ever had in your life! I’m right behind ya!