Capsule Wardrobe

Summer 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

The only bullet point that I can make for the love of Summer is the fact that Fall is coming right after.

Not a fan of hot, sticky, sweaty weather. But picking out new clothes for a new season is always a highlight on my calendar. However, I didn’t have much to buy because I had bought a lot the summer before.
***This was actually when I knew I should consider a capsule wardrobe.

This Summer makes my fourth season and a whole year living this CW life and it’s definitely been a good shift.

Why I Have a Capsule Wardrobe

The idea of having a limited amount of clothes (even if it’s just for a season) scared me which then made me realize that’s the very reason I need to do this. My American skin is thick. I need to know I have enough ____________ [food, cleaning supplies, clothes, toothpaste, etc.]

1. Unnecessary Clothes

The more I looked into it, the more it made sense. How many of us stand in front of our closet, pass by the same blue sweater and not even notice that striped v-neck and go straight for what you normally pick, what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Have you ever seen something at the store that was seriously so cute but so not you? But you convince yourself, “I can change. I can make this work.” And there it sits in your closet barely touched because on the day-to-day, you’re not naturally going to pick that. (Me. Me. Me. Me. Me. )

2. Addicted to Clothes Shopping

Shopping is often set by some emotional triggers for me. Whenever the future looks uncertain, or I’ve been greatly disappointed by someone or something, I found myself wanting to fill that uncomfortable void with shopping for shoes, bags and clothes that would at least make more cute as I’m disappointed

So as my closet started filling up with clothes I did not need and didn’t even really love, my heart was equally full with idolatry and looking to myself to make a situation feel better through shopping.

3. Limitations Induce More Creativity

The less you have, the more creative you have to get. This part sounded fun to me, and it has been challenging at times, but I would so rather choose to be content with what I have to work with rather than that terrible excess feeling, like buyer’s remorse-UGH. The. Worst.

Plus doesn’t a closet full of outfits that you L-O-V-E wearing every day sound wonderful? Like the only reason it might be hard to pick out your clothes in the morning is because you want to wear them all! That happens when you limit your options and give the clothes that you do love prime real estate in your closet.

How To Start A Capsule Wardrobe

When I first started, I was very intentional with every piece that I picked. Comparing to what everyone else’s staples are for the season and searching for quality. That’s still important to me, but I’m not taking myself as seriously. I do truly believe that good fashion is important, and I enjoy expressing myself through clothes that I think match me well, but at the end of the day it’s still a shirt, pants and a pair of shoes.

And quality is very important, but whether that high price is for quality or for someone else to get rich can be really hard to determine and I’m still working on that. I talk a lot more about starting a capsule wardrobe here but here’s the quick step-by-step:

1. Get all of your clothes out.

2. Sort through each piece. It will go into one of three categories:
Heck Yes! // Maybe // Donate

3. Select what’s wearable from your Heck Yes! pile for the season you’re planning (then store the clothes you know you love but can’t wear, like your winter coat in Summer), store your Maybe pile to revisit for next season, and off those donations go!

How much? I looked to Unfancy for all of the capsule wardrobe rules, but ultimately it’s up to you. I would just say make sure it’s challenging for you and if not reevaluate for the next season. I first went with 37 pieces and found that still to be a lot; there were clothes I kept skipping over so I never wore them. I’m down to 30 and find that to be pretty sufficient.

Once you slim down what you love to wear for the season, you’ll most likely have a few items that you’ll need to go shopping for. Those are the days I have a little more bounce in my step and it’s not just from the Peets coffee that is totally essential for shopping

The process might sound a bit laborious, but it is a process after all and gets much easier the more often you do it. With every season, your wardrobe continues to slim down to what you love to wear the most and that right there sounds absolutely heavenly to me

Here’s what I’ve got brewing in my capsule for this summer.

Tops: 11

Romper: 1

Dresses: 4

Bottoms: 9

Sweaters: 2

Shoes: 3
Left + Right = Target