Home Making

Seattle Home Tour

August marks 5 months of  living in Seattle. We have L.O.V.E.D. every single minute of it (except for that major speed bump where we didn’t know where we’d be living for 3 months and maneuvered our way through the hardest housing market ever).

BUT. We held on knowing God surely had something good in store because He was the only one that could align every opportunity perfectly to get us up to the Pacific Northwest. So we waited and trusted and doubted and tried to trust again in God’s perfect plan. Man, am I ever so glad and thankful to be on this side of things, writing this post, filled with photos of a home we don’t deserve and never in our wildest dreams thought we would inhabit.

This house represents:

  • Nurture
  • Comfort
  • Peace
  • Laughter
  • Hard Work
  • a HUGE Ebenezer of God’s faithfulness and lavish love

As I wrote about the process of turning our house into a home in a godly, less pinterest-consumed and anxious way, I hope I made it clear that we hold this house very loosely. As fun as it has been to be given a blank, beautiful canvas to decorate and turn into ours, I ask myself often if I could leave it all for another mission God would have for us and I pray my answer will always be yes.

These 3 months have been nothing but sweet memories as Brad and I have poured ourselves into house projects, learning A LOT about home ownership, and growing even deeper in our relationship with each other as we have been given this gift of preparing a new life for our family of three-it’s been pure bliss!

And so I want to share with you what we’ve been up to-our favorite house projects, products, and where YOU’LL be staying as our guest.

When we got the keys to the house…


Quality over Quantity, but Sometimes Target is Good Enough

This has been our most constant theme in our shopping choices: q.u.a.l.i.t.y.
I’ve been so on board with this, but Brad especially did not want to make any purchases that we would regret later due to poor quality. So it took some major convincing for him to be OK with these gorgeous, fresh, stitched curtains from Target. Once we got them up on that shiny copper piping that my “Chip Gaines” of a husband put up for me-we both agreed they were the perfect choice.

Fun Idea

See those coasters on our coffee table? They’re really tiles, $1 a piece, and I added tiny soft padding on the bottom. Coasters can easily go for $25-$30 for a pack of 4. Why? WHY??? So I worked around that.


I have never deemed our house a home until there’s succulents and candles. Those are my two go-to items that I believe transforms any living space into something actually magical and comfortable. And then there’s of course textiles like comfy blankets, pillows and the perfect rug-but bottom line: succulents and candles.

BTW, Home Goods and Ross are perfect places for blankets and pillows on the cheap. And the two pillows above (succulents and the modern, Arizona-looking one-both covers from Amazon and I used the stuffing from the boring pillows that came with the couch.)

Favorite Project

After looking at dozens of entryway shelves that cost $75 minimum (no idea why), I decided to draw something up myself. Just a quick trip to the Home Depot (which became our second home in the midst of house projects), some sanding/staining and once again my sweet husband drilling these two boards together and attaching copper piping to tie in with the living room curtains. We decided to go with hanging a bunch of hooks on a single rod to provide ample space for people to hang their coats and bags when they come over.


Just about died when reality hit that I’d be having a farm sink in my kitchen. Love, love, love.
This kitchen is the gem of the house-we can take no credit for the design, colors, cabinets, appliances. This was all here when we bought it-we know. We’re totally spoiled.

One thing we couldn’t figure out-why all of the wine racks? TOO many wine racks and we don’t drink a drop of wine! Brad thought this was the perfect spot to display our mug collection instead, so pick out your favorite mug to sip on some coffee or tea the next time you come over.

Guest Bedroom + Bath

I’ve kept this room simple, fresh and peaceful in hopes that it will bring comfort, tranquility and calm to whoever God places to stay at our home. We LOVE having visitors-can you picture yourself staying here??

^^Those honeycomb tiles above^^

Again, handmade shelves below because who has
hundreds of dollars to spend on wooden boards when you can make it yourself?!

Snug + Office

We made the conscious choice of placing the TV in a separate room from the living room. We didn’t want this to be the center of our living space but more of an occasional entertaining activity. So we split this room in half-MY very own office and then Snug-basically a cozy area to get settled into a good movie with blankets and popcorn.


Baby’s Room

This might sound sad, but I actually intentionally tried NOT to decorate the baby’s room all that much. Of course I want it to be a happy place, but ultimately our little man is just going to want to be with us 24/7 and he has no idea what his room looks like. It’s going to be an evolving room with more kiddos coming in the future (foster kids hopefully) and so we’ve tried to keep this room neutral and utilitarian for the sake of raising little ones over my desire to make things cute. But of course I had to make the sewing hoops-I don’t know if we’ve ever lived in a house without some form of those sewing hoops.

The details I love about his room

Photos of his grandparents  – Photos of his parents in the Philippines with kids much less fortunate than him – That $10 thrift store lamp and sweet little arrow both from a trip to Ojai, CA this past summer

Our Room

Would you believe me when I tell you that these curtains are from Target too? Finding actually cute, stylish blackout curtains is just about the hardest decorating challenge out there. But Brad cannot sleep with light coming in so blackout curtains was the only way to go (and believe me, I tried other ways first). These were super pricy but an important investment for the sake of my husband’s sleep and my sanity enjoying our room without ugly hotel curtains.

Fun Idea

Our room is actually a converted garage. So while it’s huge, it definitely has some downsides like poor insulation and the electric box on display staring at me every time I walked into our room-gross. Thankfully, I found this cheap runner at Ross, cut it in half, and sewed it around a little wooden dowel and voila! No more electric box. All the praise hands!



Least Favorite Project

This bad boy up above-the deck. Thankfully it was already here when we bought the house, super cute- right? But it wasn’t stained or protected and so sanding then staining every. single. plank. at 7 months pregnant was not the business. But we powered through it over a span of 3 days and we’re SO glad this project is done for us now to enjoy Washington’s brilliant summer nights around a fire.

Oh and endless blackberries for us to pick and eat just on the other side of our fence-to say we’re excited about that is a slight understatement.

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