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Pregnancy Announcements

I had been dreaming of this day ever since Brad and I made the commitment to REALLY have our own kid. How would we tell our families? My best friend? And the biggest question of all-how would I tell Brad?

Well like most circumstances in life, things don’t go the way you planned. And this one really didn’t go the way I thought! In fact, God had his own plans of surprising me the most before I would have a chance to surprise anyone else.

Looking back on December 2016, by this point we’ve shared the news with our families that we’re making the move to Washington and we were excited to spend as much time with both families over the holidays before we left home. Getting pregnant was officially on the back burner. Even though my heart still ached for it, I was happily distracted with our new adventure and the holidays.

Oh but you guys, this month, sweet December will live in infamy as the craziest whirlwind imaginable. I’m serious. Wham, bam, and a grand kapow on the literal last day of the year! Let’s just give a quick timeline of what exactly happened-I love dates and think you should see for yourself:


  • Friday, December 2nd– Brad has final interview for FB and says he will be recommended for hire!
  • Friday, December 2nd and 3 hours later– We go to his current job’s Christmas party. AWKWARD.
  • Tuesday, December 6th– Brad received the official offer from Facebook
  • Wednesday, December 7th– Brad signs and we tell our parents
  • Saturday, December 10th– We become official, licensed Foster parents-yep-you read that right!
  • Thursday, December 29th– we head home from a family cabin trip with BOTH families which is super important for you to know because…
  • Friday, December 30th at like 6:30am– I take a pregnancy test and find out I’m pregnant. KAPOW!
  • Saturday, December 31st– I tell my sweet husband and we celebrate the night away. (This is how I tell him).


I point all of this out to say that God completely sideswiped my plans of telling both of our families at the same time. I had a couple ideas floating around in my head of what we could do but that was all dashed after finding out I’m pregnant literally hours after spending a four day vacation with them. How were we going to get everyone back together? (As if we needed to spend even more time together and ASAP-super suspicious I know…)

The Parents

The plan was to tell our parents some time in January-didn’t really know how but we were feeling the pressure. My Dad just so happened to be staying at our house for a few days while he attended a workshop in San Francisco. The first night at dinner: me, Brad and my Dad at the table. I. Was. Dying. I quickly text Brad while at the table (in front of my Dad) and we rushed into the kitchen to clean dishes and come up with a plan because I didn’t know how much longer I could keep this tiny,BIG secret from our parents, especially my Dad!

So we put together a last minute dinner for the next night just to hang out with the parents-and both sets of parents didn’t know the other was coming over-we didn’t want to look suspicious, ok!?!

This is the part I’m most embarrassed about. I really wish we could have come up with something better than what we ended up doing, but in the few panicky moments we had, this was the best I could come up with…announcing with our cat Agnes…well here’s the video-just see for yourself.

The Siblings

I was most excited to tell Emily and Johnny simply because I loved this announcement idea the most. We sort of have this tradition/obsession with a local donut shop and so we wanted to give them a box of donuts just because…ya know..totally normal. I wish a got a photo of their reactions-they were so SO excited and surprised-such a sweet moment for us.

Samuel, my brother, was long gone in Sacramento so there was no way we were going to see him anytime soon so instead of a phone call or text I decided to send him a greeting card. Something super random but really fun. We told him he was going to be an Uncle and after many days of waiting for him to finally check his mailbox we got a call and he was also so excited and shocked.

Lastly, and seriously the MOST important, we told Blake and Alex. And I was dreading/dying to tell them. Because here’s the thing. They’re getting married. Like 9 months from when I found out I was pregnant. Oh my gosh, I’m due within days of their wedding and both Brad and I are in the wedding. I was stressing.

We basically forced them to have dinner with us on a weeknight after a long day of work for Blake. But it was an emergency! So we handed them a “Congrats! You’re getting married!” card with the big bomb drop inside basically saying, “Yeah you’re getting married and will ALSO be an Aunt and Uncle!” They were ecstatic and received the news graciously and with so much understanding. We’re actually now days away from that blessed event and I am very sad to say I cannot be there, but am so excited for these two and the Uncle and Aunt they will be to our little boy.

My Best Friend

Kaitlyn was one of two people who knew how long we’d been trying to get pregnant and how hard this had been for me. She was in this with me from the beginning so I couldn’t wait to give her the good news, FINALLY.

So. So. Bummed I don’t have pictures from this day. We actually told her and her husband Josh before anyone else, even our parents! We had arranged a post New Year’s breakfast and so I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity!

As we handed them the lightest, most pitiful little “Christmas gift”, they reached inside the bag to find practically nothing except for a little paper heart with a sesame seed glued to it-this was about how big our little nugget was at the time. It took them a second-poor Josh very confused and then Kaitlyn’s eyes lit up before filling with tears and we both freaked out in the middle of Black Bear Diner. Again, seriously regretting no photo taking, but I will never forget that moment.

Our Third Parents

We had one last couple of friends to spill the beans to in a meaningful way before word got out to the masses. And that was to tell our dear friends who have been our mentors and what feels like our third parents for years now. Anna was the only other person who knew we were trying to get pregnant so I know she was fervently praying for us.

As we came over for dinner, I had a small gift for Anna like I normally do, she always does the same too, she gratefully accepted the tea towel not thinking much of it until we pointed out the note. She pulled it out and there was jumping and laughter and hugs to follow! Another moment I’ll never forget.

So while we didn’t get to tell our families together in a way I had planned, we got the opportunity to be creative and tell all of our closest, most special relationships in ways that are unique to our relationship with them.

Oh and lastly-our pregnancy announcement to the world.