Motherhood Goals

Last year at this exact time was a new low for me. I had been struggling to keep the vision alive for our nonprofit while battling my impatience with not getting pregnant and questioning my purpose all together-it was a rough start to a new season, and it’s my favorite season to boot!

But God sure did a sweet thing by graciously redeeming the Fall season by not only bringing us up here to the PNW where in the past I would literally drool over stranger’s Instagram posts who lived in the PNW during Fall (pathetic? maybe), but He also gave us a son to celebrate every year during my favorite time of year to make it all the more special.

As I sit here in the quiet, anticipating the beautiful chaos that will ensue once our little man arrives, I can’t help but strive for intentionality as a new mom. The nurturing/home making/mama bear mode is taking over my mind and heart and all I can think about is how can I be a good mother to this new human?

I write these goals in the midst of complete naivety, pleasantly choosing to be led by the Holy Spirit over my dependence upon experience as a new Mom. Before the exhaustion comes, the discouragement and unplanned whatever’s that make up our days with a newborn, may these goals be a foundation of my motherhood.

1.  Identity

Being a new mom is exciting and scary. The mom guilt, cultural pressures, and baby talk have all entered my little world. The privilege of impacting a single person’s life as deeply as being their mom hits me harder every day, but ultimately I am not a Mom.

I am a daughter of Christ living to bring him glory by enjoying Him fully.

I commit to not losing myself in the confines of mothering children, but to continue my pursuit of who God wants me to be and what mission He has for my life through consistent time in His Word and a devotion to Him beyond my family.

2. Surrender + Obey

Something they teach you at those dreaded birthing classes is to give into the contractions during labor-don’t fight it but try to relax through it. The more tense you are the harder you’re making it on your body to do its thang. I have a feeling this concept goes way beyond the labor and delivery room and into daily parenting, am I right experienced mommas?!

I commit to surrendering my heart first to Christ and asking for my mind and body to follow with a joyful endurance and patience that can only come from Him. I want to admit my weaknesses from the get-go acknowledging that perfection is unattainable and the simple pursuit of pleasing my heavenly Father in how I parent is enough. Easier said than done of course.

3. Pray Over Him

One thing I know that is going to amaze me and Brad as parents is a baby’s ability to attain and understand far more information than we’d expect. I’m always assuming babies are a just a blob of cuteness eating and pooping their way through life, but I’m reminded through the observation of other moms and their kids and online resources that actually those little brains are retaining so much more than we realize. Imagine the spiritual implications on their heart with a Creator as big and detailed as our God?!

I commit to praying Scripture over our baby during feedings and changing diapers trusting that God is working in his heart from this early of a stage well into his adult years.

After reading this my eyes were opened to the spiritual benefits of pouring scripture over your newborn.

4. Slow Down

This one will definitely challenge me. I’m always wanting to be active, take advantage of any free time I have and being new to the beautiful PNW, we have a lot on our list to explore. And even though keeping Maverick alive is clearly the most important priority, I know there will be moments where I won’t see the direct effects of growth or success and I’ll be tempted to feel lazy, behind on work and probably want to clean every corner of the house.

I commit to refusing the guilt and shame that comes with needing to feel productive and efficient and simply be present for our baby’s needs. I want to receive each day as a gift as hard or easy as it may be knowing that day will never come again.

5. Use Resources

This ties into the Surrender goal-the sooner I acknowledge that I need help, the easier life will be.

I commit to saying “Yes” when people offer to help whether it’s with meals or watching the baby for awhile or even cleaning the house. I commit to communicating as openly as I can with Brad despite my pride in wanting to accomplish it all and be the ultimate home maker. I also want to be quick to run to resources like this amazing new blog and podcast I discovered that has already helped me leaps and bounds in the parenting world.