Love in Transit

Love in Transit has a big part of my heart. There’s a long story to this and short one. Take your pick.

Short Story:
We’ve discovered a disconnect between Christian nonprofits and the local church. There are ministries accomplishing amazing things throughout the world and we have no idea how to help them, let alone that they even exist. We believe film is one of the best solutions to bridge this gap. So my husband and I started a nonprofit, called Love in Transit and we make films for other nonprofits to promote what God is doing throughout the world and to enable people like you to connect to God’s global mission.

Long Story:
We got married on August 12th, 2011 and three short weeks later we were asked to move to the Philippines by a great friend/mentor. It was a done deal, easy. Heck yes, we are going!

So we lived in Cebu, Philippines for 1 year and God worked in us in ways that have completely redirected our mission in life. We witnessed poverty that I didn’t know was possible and shouldn’t forget. We witnessed illnesses that have so disgustingly robbed people of life. Life in Cebu and in like so many places around the world is raw. That’s the best way I can explain it. Not a lot of sugarcoating or bubble wrapping and so you are quickly exposed to the ravages of sin in the world.

But we also discovered organizations operating in the thick of this darkness day and night transforming communities through the Gospel. We were amazed and wondered why we hadn’t heard of any of these ministries and how can we and our friends get more involved? So we brought out our trusty little Canon T2i with the kit lens that came with it, turned it on and watched what would happen. Before we knew it, more and more videos were produced, requested and posted for other people throughout the world to see.

Fundraising is a burden of all nonprofits. And newsletters and social media isn’t always carried out the best way which then sacrifices the nonprofit’s story. So to alleviate this burden, Brad and I produce media for other nonprofits to share their story so that others can get involved in what God is doing throughout the world.

We’ve realized God hasn’t called us to live on one foreign mission field, but instead use media to connect mission fields all over the world to bring God more glory. Invest in God’s kingdom by partnering with Love in Transit. We would love your support and know of a whole lot of ministries that would love it as well.

If you would like to read more about our time in Cebu, you can check out this old blog that’s probably really embarrassing but I’m sure has little nuggets of gold sprinkled throughout for your enjoyment.