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Leaving Holy + Happy

Hey hey!

Happy 4th of July!

This feels like a weird day to make this majorly important announcement in my life but it’s a Monday and that’s when we post. And I knew this day would be coming for awhile so here we are, on America’s birthday. #happybirthdayamerica

[clears throat]

I’m just going to say it.

Holy + Happy is moving.

I’ve been mourning this decision for quite some time now, but I think it’s for the best. I’ve loved my simple, black and white, photo saturated space where I’ve gotten to share my personal and spiritual life with you special people who care to listen. It’s been magical. Really. And as my love for blogging continues to grow, my priorities have taken a shift since quitting my job earlier this year.

So it’s more like I’M moving and taking my quirky jokes and emojis with me over to a new e-home. But it’s ok because I’m moving to a place where you can come with. And PLEASE do

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I talk about the Philippines on here quite a bit. #sorrynotsorry From our time there, Love in Transit was born. Brad and I started this nonprofit to make videos for other nonprofits. And not just any nonprofit. But the amazing ones that give you chills the more you learn about them where God’s fingerprints are all over. It’s been just about 3 years since we’ve been back from the PH and my heart has never left this God-given idea. It’s my home now. It’s where I feel safe and have purpose to the point that when I wander and try other things it’s not quite right because Love in Transit is where God has placed me.

But I didn’t own it until just this year. I’ve felt more like a renter with Love in Transit. Happy to decorate and pay the bills but I hadn’t taken full ownership or discovered the joys of owning a home idea. Not too many months into this whole work-from-home slash be-my-own-boss journey I realized that I’m juggling too many things. And I’m not doing any of it super well. Ouch.

I’ve recovered from this sad realization and have made some exciting new renovations within Love in Transit and one of the most recent ones, the one I’m sharing with you today is Love in Transit’s new blog! Betcha didn’t see that one coming

holyandhappy.comWho Should Read the LOVE IN TRANSIT BLOG

I’d be lying if I said our blog is for everyone. But I have a feeling that 100% of Holy + Happy readers will feel right at home at Love in Transit. It’s still my voice, writing with passion and excitement, and an even more focused purpose. This blog is for…

  • Every Christian that wants to make a difference in the world
  • The creative who wants to learn how to use their gifts for God and connect with other creatives
  • Anyone who loves videos
  • Those who want an accurate pulse on what God is doing throughout the world through Christian nonprofits
  • The traveler who loves exploring different parts of the world
  • Those that work or volunteer for a nonprofit and need practical tips to promote their nonprofit’s work

Let’s Go!!

Starting today, I’ll be permanently living at and I’d love for you to come join me for a weekly visit.

Brad and I are confident that this is what God has called us to do. We get to glorify Him through creativity and a discovery of what He’s accomplishing through amazing nonprofits. And we know this isn’t meant for just the two of us.

We want YOU to be a part of this too.

While you’re with us on Mondays, don’t be a stranger the rest of the week! Can you do me a favor (or maybe three)???

  1. Subscribe to the new blog
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Bonus points: Share our information in your neck of the woods!


Thanks everyone for the support!!