I’m Back

Back to blogging

Hi, I’m back!

I couldn’t stay away. I miss this small space too much.

With ALL that’s happened in the last almost year since walking away from blogging – goodness gracious – there’s a lot to process and share and encourage and I couldn’t hold back any longer!

From becoming foster parents, to no just kidding, we’re moving to Washington instead, to guess what?! we’re pregnant, to feeling homeless for the past three months to now buying a house in another State. That’s what’s up, in a nut shell. That’s some hardcore sanctifying that the Lord is so kind to put us through (and that’s actually not with a sarcastic tone- I mean it).

And I can type this for the first time without tears streaming down, clear eyes on the screen, and a full heart of hope now walking down on the other side of so far the biggest mountain in Brad’s and my life.

So, yeah. Greetings from Seattle! Things might look a little different around here on the blog but this is what I’ve been craving for many years. It’s here! I’m here! In our misty, woodsy, cold, magical Washington. The Lord so clearly moved us to what’s been our dream home basically since we started dating in 2006. I’m still getting used to these chilly (40s-50s), rainy days and we’re now in May. As a sun hater in California, when the sun is out here it’s like the doors of heaven have opened and we all rush outside to get a glimpse of that glory on our face and pray it stays out long enough before we get whisked away inside from the blustery clouds. Since moving here, I’ve bought a big winter coat and Brad got me the warmest, softest robe because let’s face it, I’m struggling. The coldness is marvelous but also really, well, cold.

With a lot burning on my heart, I want to rededicate this space for the purpose of Gospel-infused encouragement, rebuke and inspiration to live a godly life in freedom with joy. And most importantly, I am committed to vulnerability. This has been my word for 2017 and so far it’s really put me to the test. From vulnerability of one person comes healing, empowerment, bravery, energy and understanding.

There’s not many things that leave you as satisfied as the feeling of being understood. Am-i-right? Finally having a chance to sit down with a friend to explain EVERYTHING and the response is an overwhelming “I hear you, and I’m with you” which leaves you feeling normal, accepted and loved.

The ways I’ve felt the most understood is through someone else’s vulnerability. When they throw out their fears, imperfections and vain thoughts, I feel comfortable to speak up and identify that’s what’s going on in my heart too. These moments have mostly been me in my car as I’m listening to a podcast where the guest is laying out their guts and I’m shouting in bold exclamation “ME TOO” or it’s happening in the margins of a book where I’m frantically writing in agreement and in shock of the vulnerability of the statement the author just made. But these are the moments that ultimately change a person’s life. And I’ve had lots of these little moments in the past 10 months.

Stay tuned…more to come!