Home Making

Holy Home Making

Moving into a new place is the pitts. But decorating? R.E.D.E.M.P.T.I.O.N!  

There’s nothing like a good challenge of transforming a space into a home. Give me a blank canvas and I turn into a decorating machine, a Picasso of interiors, a Joanna Gaines (maybe not that good, but I like to pretend).

When we found the home we currently live in, I had multiple sleepless nights- my mind racing as blueprints of each room were forming with our current furniture while simultaneously constructing shopping lists and project lists. Some people decorate their home slowly over months, maybe years, but I need my surroundings complete in order to move forward in life. Can anyone relate?

So with that comes a million Pinterest searches, Amazon deliveries, the daily trip to Home Depot, etc. It becomes all-consuming and there’s days that I’m sick of it, but it’s a season and I know that once it’s done, we will move on. Not literally move though! No, no no. Just move on to more regular life things, like community and hosting.

Decorating a home teeters on the line of important and superfluous. Like all things in life, it’s so important to analyze your motive. There’s many paths tangled together that you can take leading to excess or holy living. That’s right. Even decorating can be holy and worshipful to the Lord.

Unless the LORD builds the house,
those who build it labor in vain.
Unless the LORD watches over the city,
the watchman stays awake in vain.
It is in vain that you rise up early
and go late to rest,
eating the bread of anxious toil;
for he gives to his beloved sleep.
Psalm 127:1-2

Where You Live is a Gift-Steward It Well

Wherever the Lord has you living at the moment is a gift. It’s all from him, as nice or not nice as it is. After looking at Pinterest for a couple days, I notice my perspective shifts into thinking that my house should look like what I see online. The entitlement rises and I have to take off my Pinterest-tinted glasses and really look around me at what’s realistic and be thankful for all that I have already. I want to take great care and pride into what’s been given to us so keeping my attitude and accumulation of things in check is essential.


For reals though, how else will you know how to use your space well without the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Even something like this, God cares about and loves that we would include him in seeking his counsel when setting up house.

I remember the first night we got our keys to the house. We were So. Stinkin. Excited. We ate Panda Express as our first meal {charming} and then we went into every room and prayed over it, asking God for his blessing and fruitfulness, for comfort for our guests, productivity for Love in Transit in our office, good food in the kitchen (just kidding, sorta) and a blessing over anyone who entered our home. We wanted to dedicate this space to the Lord, recognizing that this house is His the entire time and we just get to live in it. As we like to say around here, our only landlord is the Lord.

Secondly, pray before you shop. I don’t always do this-like online shopping I rarely remember to include God in my buying decisions, but often times before I walk into a Home Goods or a Hobby Lobby, I ask God for his guidance and that he would keep me composed and in line. It’s easy to let your mind wander, get overwhelmed and end up making lazy or unnecessary purchases-ask the Lord to help you with this next time you pull up to your favorite store.

Consider Others’ Comfort

There’s a handful of homes I’ve been to in my life where I felt so at home, I surprised myself with how comfortable I got. It’s a combination of a good host and a comfortable layout of a house that’s peaceful to be in but also not too clean or perfect that you don’t want to mess anything up. I strive for this balance and make some of my decorating decisions based on the comfort level of our future guests which means that something may not be as aesthetically pleasing to my eye but if it’s more comfortable and practical for others then it’s a no brainer.

Whether decorating is a delight or a chore, we can honor His name through our decisions in how we turn our house into a home. It’s much more peaceful and enjoyable that way. Can’t wait to share with you our home transformation in the weeks to come!