About Me

Hey there!

My name is Kirstin but I answer to multiple versions (Kristen, Christine, Kersten…I hate correcting people…) I love Jesus because He first pursued me and as I follow Him, I’m realizing this term “Christian” can be used very vaguely when in reality it has a specific meaning and expectation for living. So I am growing each day, but I want to help others grow alongside me. This is a small space of the internet for pursuing Jesus, wrestling through life’s challenges, finding practical resources and motivation to live a holy life.

A few things I value in life are running, amazing meals, like life-changing meals (I can name a few), good, meaty conversations that take days to digest, and day trips to new places. I am also very passionate about supporting nonprofit organizations and missionaries and bringing their stories to North America so that more people can participate in what God is doing throughout the world. I think making films is one of the best ways to achieve this mission and so my husband and I started a nonprofit called Love in Transit. Check out the site, watch some videos, and get connected to some amazing ministries.

There actually is meaning behind the blog name which you can read more about here. I think there’s a common misconception that if you pursue a holy life, it will be boring and joyless, when in reality, God has called us to holy living that will bring us happiness. So please come with questions, but feel free to contribute answers, come for encouragement, and receive words of wisdom, come for a challenge but met with grace and come for some laughter seasoned with love.

Thanks for visiting – make yourself at home!